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Integrated Approach

We offer an integrated approach towards memory enhancement, mental health,  and brain function. Our solutions include Physical, Organizational, Technical, Mental, Emotional, and Relational components.

Client Centered

Our tailored approach ensures that you will get a solution that is specifically targeted toward the issues that you are facing. This increases team member executions and organizational results.

Dynamic Delivery

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions with energy and relevance. As a result, your team members stay engaged and enthusiastic about learning and implementing their new skills which results in stronger productivity and team confidence.

Memory Spring Courses

In Memory Spring's sessions people gain new skills, experience immediate improvement, and have fun. As a result, you will become more efficient, more effective, and enjoy a better quality life.

Memory Spring Articles

Nutrition Tips to Improve Your Memory

Food provides fuel and nutrients to your brain to allow proper function. What you eat has the ability to keep the brain sharp as you age. There’s no exact way to stop cognitive decline, however, eating high-quality, nutrient dense foods can slow degeneration.   

Your gut has a direct effect on your brain health. Alterations in the gut have been linked to various neurological diseases, stress, mental health disorders, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, and more. The gut can even influence your behavior and produces 95% of the serotonin in your body. The brain is constantly active, contributing to a large portion of your metabolic rate. Therefore, what you eat is used to fuel both the body and the brain.  

Click here to learn what brain healthy foods you should be eating 

Can You See Me Now?

We’ve all experienced video issues of one type or another on a web call, either with our own image or with how we see – or don’t see – other people on a call. It ranges from no video at all to darkened faces, fuzzy images, glaring brightness, and everywhere in-between.

Most of us want to look our best on a web call.  Some people don’t like the way they look on the screen, others say seeing themselves is distracting, and some want to never have their camera on if they can avoid it. Some are just the opposite. The good news is that as video conferencing software progresses, there are several things you can do to be productive and look your best online without overdoing it.

Click here to learn best practices for Good Video in Web Conferences

Ayurvedic Herbs for the Mind

Did you know that powerful remedies exist that can improve memory, calm anxiety, lift depression, even relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease? No, they are not some new miracle drugs, but plants used for thousands of years in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient healing system of India in which anything in nature might be used as medicine, but primarily plants.

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Memory for Mommies: 8 Tips to Stay Fit and Maintain Your Memory

Many women experience “mommy brain” due to many factors including the demands of parenting. Focusing on your physical health can be difficult when balancing kids, work, chores, and more. If you feel scatter-brained and low energy, try incorporating more exercise into your schedule. Exercising can improve your energy levels and brain function. How can you find time to exercise and stay consistent with your fitness goals as a busy mom? 

Click here for 8 tips to help you balance your familial responsibilities and your fitness as a mom

Want to Improve Your Memory and Brain Function? Stay Hydrated!

We all want to have a better memory and be sharper. The first place to look is at your hydration levels. During the summer, it’s difficult to maintain proper hydration levels. Water is necessary for optimal daily function for all parts of our body including our brain. If you want to improve your working memory, attention span, mood, energy, and overall health, drink more water.

Click here to gain tips to improve your hydration and brain function

Online Collaboration Series: Successful Transitions and Handoffs

John: “And to better address that topic, I’d like to have Jill comment on it.”
John: “Jill are you there?”
John: “Okay Jill, go ahead”
John: “Jill, I think you are on mute.”
Jill: “OK, John, what was the question?”
We’ve all experienced poor introductions, handoffs, and transitions in online interactions. It’s no fun being on a video call when this type of thing happens, especially in important meetings with clients or your boss. How do the Pros make it look so easy?

Some of Memory Spring's Customers



“People keep stopping me in the hall to say, ‘Great training!’  and ‘I tried it last weekend and it really worked!’  In fact, I attended a pancake breakfast on Sunday and used it as an opportunity to practice names and faces — and it worked!  Others have said, ‘I’m so sorry I missed it.  Are you going to offer it again?’

Thanks again for tailoring the course to meet our needs.”

Art S., Sacramento Municipal Utility District

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