Data to Diamonds

Transforming Information into Value

A 5-Class Data Analytics Certificate Program for Analysts

Do you want to learn how to harness the power of data to make better decisions, improve performance, and drive innovation in your organization? Do you want to gain practical skills and knowledge in data analytics that you can apply immediately in your work? If so, then this Data Analytics Certificate program is for you!

This program is designed for professionals who use data analysis as part of their job, such as managers, analysts, consultants, marketers, educators, and researchers. It consists of five one-day courses that cover the essential topics and tools in data analytics, from data collection and processing to data visualization and communication.

By completing this program, you will:

  • Develop proficiency in Microsoft 365 tools: Leverage tools like Excel, PowerPoint, and Forms to gather, analyze, and present data effectively.
  • Gain expertise in Generative AI: Develop an understanding of ChatGPT, Bing Co-Pilot, Google Gemini, DALL-E, and learn how to use them to enhance data analysis workflow and presentations.
  • Develop a strong ethical foundation: Our emphasis on ethics will ensure you understand the importance of handling data responsibly and ethically.
  • Develop the ability to work effectively with data across various platforms: Work with data from a variety of sources, including surveys, spreadsheets, databases, and online applications.
  • Use data to propose Solutions: Use relevant data to inform decision-making and solve problems.
  • Earn a Certificate! After successful graduation from all 5 classes, you will gain a Data Analytics Certification from Memory Spring.

Course Content

Data to Diamonds is a practical learning experience designed specifically for professionals who integrate data analysis into their daily roles. This comprehensive program consists of five intensive 1-day courses, carefully curated to enhance your expertise and effectiveness in leveraging data for informed decision-making. We suggest taking the classes in order, as we build on the skill set and knowledge gained from each class. Completion of all five classes is required for certification.

  1. Intro to Data Analytics: Dive into the data-driven world we live in today and understand how data and information gathering have evolved. Learn about the foundational toolsets, key terminology, and core concepts of data analytics. Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Forms for creating surveys and polls. Discover how Generative AI can support data analytics and explore the ethical considerations involved.
  2. Turning Data into Useful Information: Develop a clear understanding of the problem to be addressed by the data. Learn how to identify the core data needed for the desired outcome and where to find it. Overcome data hygiene and interpretation challenges and learn how to distill data into relevant information points. Gain practical experience using Excel to create charts and graphs, and PowerPoint for presenting your data.
  3. Leveraging AI in the Data Process: Understand the challenges and opportunities of Generative AI, and compare and use tools like Google Gemini, Bing Copilot, OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E. Learn how to improve data gathering efficiency and effectiveness, enhance data analysis and presentations, and address ethics and security concerns.
  4. Presenting Data Effectively: Learn how to tailor your data presentation to your audience, set clear goals, understand the current situation, and make effective recommendations. Gain skills in creating infographics, dashboarding, storytelling, and presentation.
  5. Using Information to Drive Action and Accountability: Understand how to use project management data, define project goals using KPIs, interpret real-time data, identify trends, and manage outcome states with appropriate information. Learn how to create a useful feedback loop.

For more information on Memory Spring’s Data to Diamonds program,  please call us at 530-297-6464 or click here to email us. 



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