Simple Memory Techniques that Can Help with Recall

In today’s fast paced environment, we tend to get bombarded with an overwhelming amount of distractions. The number of distractions makes it difficult to focus long enough to store information in a recallable way. Consequently, we forget valuable information.

Is our memory ever going to be perfect? No! But you can apply basic memory techniques that can make a difference in your daily life.  

Here are three easy memory techniques that can help with recall. 

1) The HSKT Method to Better Remember Your “To-Do” List

The HSKT method is an easy peg method that incorporates the famous children’s song Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  It allows you to visualize things you’re trying to remember with 8 of your body parts: head, shoulders, knees, toes, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.  Here are key steps:

    1. Identify up to 8 “to-dos” on your list
    2. Identify key images for each “to-do”
    3. Combine the each “to-do” image with each one of your body parts: Head, Shoulder, Knees, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and nose.
    4. Review your list 3 times

This method might feel cumbersome initially, however, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it in rapidly.  As a result, your “to-do” list recall will be a snap! By the way, you have a lot more than 8 body parts, so once you have the basics down, it’s easily expandable.  

2) Previewing to Improve Reading Recall

A major struggle for most of is reading recall (retention). It seems like every time we read something it goes into our eyes yet never sticks in our brain. We end up having to read something multiple times before it sticks. As a result, we burn valuable time and energy.  For those of us who are overwhelmed with emails, newspaper/magazine articles, memos, and other items, follow these steps and you’ll be much more efficient this year with your reading:

    1. Read the article or email title/subject line
    2. Read the first paragraph and last paragraph (most of what the person wants you to know or do is included in those areas)
    3. If there are test questions at the end of the document, read those too
    4. If you feel you need or want more detail… read the entire article/email

Take the time to properly preview your articles, emails, and other readings. It will enhance your recall, improve retention, save significant amounts of reading time. 

3) Tips to Remembering People’s Names

For most of us, remembering people’s names is our biggest memory challenge. It shouldn’t be. People play a huge role in our personal and professional success.  Names and faces should be automatic.  Here are steps to improving name recall. 

    1. Focus on the person
    2. Associate the person with someone that you know. 
    3. Tie the person’s name to one of their dominant characteristics. 
    4. Say the person’s name three times. 

 Try these proven steps and it will surprise you how much better you’ll become with names. 

Practice and apply these techniques on a regular basis and you’ll definitely experience a bump in your recall. For more information on the above techniques or other tips on improving your memory, contact us at (530) 297-6464 or click here to email us.  


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