The Art of Working with Producers

At the center of conservation is Producer satisfaction and compliance, and NRCS Planners focus on these two concepts to make a difference and succeed in today’s challenging agricultural environment.

To be successful, Planners must build strong Producer connections and maintain them throughout the relationship. Developing strong relationships provide opportunities for planners to uncover their Producers’ wants and needs regularly and then deliver alternatives that meet those wants and needs.

In addition, having staunch Producer connections opens the door for an open trusting dialog when dealing with issues and problems. As a result, both parties work together to find mutually beneficial solutions. The lack of an effective Producer connection creates friction, resistance, and mistrust. With a strong Producer relationship, you can accomplish almost anything.

Sound easy? It’s not! It takes the right amount of knowledge, technical know-how, confidence, and skills to successfully work with Producers.

The Art of Working with Producers is an engaging in-person, 12-hour program that runs over two consecutive days. As a result of participating in this dynamic course, you will be able to:

► Learn to have a true Producer connection attitude

► Learn to build trust and rapport quickly with Producers

► Learn to uncover the Producer’s wants and needs

► Learn to develop and present justified alternatives that address the Producer’s wants and needs

► Learn to resolve Producer objections

► Apply in real-world customer cases

For more information on Memory Spring’s The Art of Working with Producers please call us at 530-297-6464 or click here to email us.

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