Dynamic Team Planning

Great teamwork doesn’t happen by accident. It’s built on trust, communication, shared purpose, and skillful leadership. While every organization aspires to create high-performing teams, achieving this level of synergy requires deliberate effort and a clear plan of action.

To reach their full potential, teams need clarity and focus. They need a shared vision, aligned goals, and a commitment to support one another. In addition to an overall objective, each member must define their desired outcomes, understand their individual roles, and create a plan to succeed.

Based on decades of work with various teams in the public and private sector, Memory Spring’s model is designed to help teams move from planning to action.

Memory Spring’s Dynamic Team Planning is an engaging program designed to guide your team through the process of teambuilding and creating an actionable Implementation Plan. Within the program, participants will:

  • Understand the hallmarks of a high-performing team
  • Craft a compelling team vision and mission
  • Establish values that guide team behavior
  • Set goals aligned with their mission
  • Develop clear objectives to achieve those goals
  • Develop a comprehensive Implementation Plan that outlines specific steps, timelines, and responsible individuals for achieving success

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Sharon Nance is a senior instructor with 30+ years with The USDA and NRCS. She has a PhD  in Rural Sociology and Agricultural Economics – College of Agriculture at THE Ohio State University. In her  30+ year career with the Soil Conservation Service; AKA NRCS, Sharon has taught courses such as Civil Rights in Program Delivery, Working with Tribal Governments, Area Wide Planning, Outreach, Conflict Resolution; Emotional Intelligence, Environmental Justice, Working with LGBT Employees, and many others. She has also served as the USDA Strikeforce Coordinator for eights western states under the first Vilsack administration.

Robert “Bud” James, Ph.D. is the VP of Curriculum and trainer for Memory Spring, an organization focused on enhancing people’s memories, learning skills, job performance, relationships, and brain health. He brings 35 years of knowledge, leadership, and online collaboration experience in information technology and busines operations through leadership roles in MySpace.com, Oracle, BEA, and Unisys. He is a PADI Master Scuba Instructor and has been professionally teaching since he was 21. Bud is a skilled orator, Toastmaster, and a US Air Force Special Operations Combat Controller Veteran.

Michael Lawrence Green is the founder of Memory Spring. He has trained thousands of business people in a variety of professional and social skills. He is also the co-founder of MVP Associates/Delta-4, a Leadership, Team Building, and Sales improvement company. His skill development courses and expertise cover a broad area of knowledge, including memory improvement, team planning, selling, persuasion, presentations, negotiations, communication, leadership, and team building. 

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