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Phenomenal Reading

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In today’s fast-paced technology age we are overwhelmed with the volume of information there is to read. Every day we get bombarded with emails, texts, articles and other data.  In addition, we have books, studies, research, and other information to consume.  We spend time with our family, friends, and manage to find down time too. Often we sacrifice comprehension and recall. Keeping up with information seems virtually impossible.

Now is the time to action. Take a proactive approach toward improving your reading by learning Phenomenal Reading! When you decide to enhance your reading skills you take action to improve the quality your life. Better reading improves work performance, school performance, productivity, family life and more. What is time and information retention worth to you? Priceless!

Within this dynamic and energizing program, you will: 

  • Test your reading speed and comprehension 

  • Improve preparation and focus for effective reading 

  • Significantly increase reading speed 

  • Dramatically improve reading recall 

  • Enhance reading comprehension 

  • Improve reading prioritization and time management 

  • Have fun!

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"Enjoyed learning new methods to read quicker and be able to comprehend."
Candace R.
California Department of Transportation

Phenomenal Reading
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