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Take Your Peace of Mind Back

At Memory Spring we focus on Mind and Mental Health because this is the foundation of personal power and stability. Without the ability to create our own peace, our lives can feel like a small ship tossing in a large storm. We barely navigate through one wave of problems only to find ourselves hit by another swell of stressful issues.

Adopt and “Attitude of Gratitude” to Reduce Stress and Increase Focus

As we role into the upcoming joyous and hectic holiday season, it’s a great opportunity to adopt an “attitude of gratitude”. The power of gratitude, positive attitude, and positive thinking has long been espoused to help us live a happy and fulfilled life. 

Journaling: A Powerful Tool to Help With Memory and Mental Health

A very powerful tool to help with your memory and mental health is journaling.  Writing down thoughts into a journal or diary is a skill that ties together both mental (thinking) and physical (writing) activities. That unique relationship between the hands and brain, sparked by the composition of thoughts and ideas, creates increased focus, stronger memory pods, and better cognitive recall.  

Take it From Captain Arrrf: Remember the 5 R’s to Return to Mindfulness

It doesn’t take much to distract our attention and launch us down a time draining path that we never intended to follow in the first place.  Given all the distractions, it makes it extremely difficult to get anything substantial done. 
Some of the downsides of being distracted include increased stress, reduced memory, difficulty learning, and other issues. Being distracted might make us feel good, active and busy in the moment.  Unfortunately, when we review our day, we end up feeling unproductive, stressed, and unhappy.

Managing Workplace Stress

Stress is an issue that we all deal with on a daily basis; however, most of us don’t realize the impact that stress has on our memory and mental health. Stress plays a significant role in our ability to learn, store information in our brain, and recall it when we need it. Stress over extended periods of time (chronic) wreaks havoc on our system, memory, brain health, mental health, and can destroy happiness.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

Today’s business environment is more fast-paced and competitive than ever before. Companies succeed on the efficiency and effectiveness of their one true resource, their people. To be efficient and effective, people must not only be skilled, they also must be mentally and physically healthy and present (mindful).  Sound easy, it’s not.

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