Concierge Advice: Recognize Your Clutter Excuses

By Hollie Gregory

Organization should not cause pain and agony…ever. A recent book from “The Happiness Project” author, Gretchen Rubin, entitled Happier at Home, explores how all aspects of our home may contribute to our overall happiness. Organization is definitely a key aspect of home life.

Clutter comes in many forms and the reasons we hold on to items we may or may not need are numerous as well. Here are seven types of clutter excuses that can hold you back from having your own organized home:

1) I’d be a mean horrible person if I let this go….”

My mom, mother of three, has boxes of some of our school projects in the basement closet. I don’t think she ever pulls it out for a walk down memory lane. It can now be tossed without guilt. I am the youngest at 36 and don’t think I’ll be needing any of it. I spent so much on on it!

2) Did you buy this item 20 years ago?

Chances are, you’ve gotten your money’s worth and if you’re not using it now, donate or toss!

3) I might need this someday.

Someone might actually need it TODAY!

4) I might do this someday.

Think you’re Martha Stewart and have grand ambitions of crafting on a rainy day? Be honest with yourself. You probably won’t. Donate the items to your nearby after-school program.

5) I don’t know where it goes.

If it doesn’t have a home now, it never will. Donate or toss!

6) My thoughts don’t have any power. Do they?

Don’t keep items in your home that create any type of bad energy. Believe me, they’re not worth keeping.

7) But I never wore it (Guilty!)

And you probably won’t! Most times when they do fit, you have moved on to a different style. There’s too much stuff!

Still not ready to ‘deal’ with clutter take a few minutes to read this enlightening article in Psychology Today, called Psychology of Dress, the Doctor is In…Your Closet!

Hollie Gregory is the owner of Hour25 Conciergea San Francisco based personal and business concierge service. They handle a wide range of tasks and services for both personal and business clients, freeing up time in otherwise busy schedules.

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