Yoga Poses that Help with Memory

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Many of us know that Yoga is a great way to get regular exercise and improve fitness. It’s fantastic because Yoga can be done almost anywhere, in any time frame, and fit into an active family focused life. The exercise part is wonderful, but did you also know that it’s great for your memory? 

The system of Yoga is built on three main structures: exercise, breathing, and meditation.  Its approach supports the four key areas to improve your memory:
1)The Physical Area is wrapped around fitness, nutrition, and sleep.  Yoga is great exercise and the benefits have also been shown to improve sleep patterns.
2)The Organizational Area is wrapped around how you organize your life.  While there is no direct correlation such as a Yoga life organizing program, there is a brain organizing effect with meditation.
3)The Technical Area focuses on challenging the brain to build neuroplasticity.  In Yoga you are continually learning new poses and approaches which keeps your brain challenged. Yoga helps to build balance which has also been shown to correlate with a better memory. In addition, the meditation component in Yoga builds focusing abilities which also have been shown to improve memory.
4)The Mental Emotional Area focuses on how you deal with stress, your mindfulness, and your belief basis.  The exercise, breathing, and meditative components of Yoga are effective at helping people offload their stress.  In addition, those components build a stronger sense of self and confidence. 
Yoga includes thousands of poses, each designed to work on different physical and mental areas. According to Sandie West, CEO of Creative Chakra Spa & Yoga Studio, there are a number of Yoga poses that help with memory. 
Here are a few of those poses that are designed to improve your memory and concentration.  

Head-of-Knee Pose

Benefits: Sandie states that the Head-of-Knee Pose sharpens the memory and calms the brain and the sympathetic nervous system, which helps the mind detach from the senses and banishes feelings of restlessness or irritability. This pose relaxes the thyroid gland and vitalizes the adrenal glands while relieving eye strain or headaches.  Click here for more information and key steps on Head-of-Knee pose. 

Skull Shining Breath

Benefits:  Sandie states that Skull Shining Breath pose revitalizes and strengthens the entire nervous system with the vigorous repetition of the breath. It also brings heat to the body quickly when it’s cold, improves digestion, and helps in the treatment of depression. Click here for more information and key steps on Skull Shining Breath pose.

Channel Cleaning Breath (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

Benefits: Sandie states that Channel Cleaning Breath helps prevent memory loss by strengthening the subtle nerve currents along the spine and the brain while restoring memory loss. If practiced for a few minutes daily, can help restore imbalances in the brain, calm your emotional state, improve sleep, calm your nervous system, and is like a reboot to the brain as your thinking will become clearer. Click here for more information and key steps on Channel Cleaning Breath pose.

Supported Shoulder Stand

Benefits: Sandie states that the Supported Shoulder Stand relieves stress and nervous disorders. It also aids in sleep and hypertension. Shoulder Stand also improves the function of the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, which regulates our endocrine system, allowing for hormonal balance. Shoulder-stand works on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and creates health in the brain and spine by increasing blood flow to the scalp and brain. This pose has been clinically observed to promote vitality and increase memory and IQ. Click here for more information and key steps on Supported Shoulder Stand pose.

Practice these Yoga poses on a regular basis.  Also, remember to check with a Yoga professional to make sure that you’re doing them correctly.   You’ll feel better, be more relaxed, and enhance your memory and brain health. For more information about Memory Improvement, click here.

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