Online Collaboration

In today’s challenging environment, people are struggling to maintain productivity. Social distancing and establishing a remote workspace are becoming the new normal. In the past, you often had people and resources at your fingertips right in your office. It was very easy to meet face-to-face and collaboratively develop a solution. Today, resources and people are spread over a large distance, requiring new tools and creative solutions.

The good news is that there are many powerful tools available to improve our ability to collaborate.  We can connect quickly and efficiently with people nearby or thousands of miles away in real-time. Further, there are several highly effective processes and Best Practices that can be enacted to efficiently communicate, manage, and engage with your co-workers, vendors and the public.

Online Collaboration is a hands-on high energy program. As a result of participating in this dynamic course, you will be able to:

  • Use various online collaboration tools in a confident and persuasive way
  • Communicate more effectively in online situations
  • Effectively manage online meetings
  • Run effective video conferences
  • Effectively interact with clients and team members utilizing online collaboration tools
  • Share your lessons learned
  • Become a subject matter expert to assist your clients and co-workers


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