Memory Enhancement for Salespeople

Memory Enhancement for Salespeople

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Everything that salespeople are tasked with is wrapped around their memory.     Remembering dates, facts, figures, values, appointments, and customers all play a part in a salesperson’s success.  Not only must a salesperson remember vital client information, but they must also make themselves (and their solution) memorable to their clients. In addition, salespeople are inundated with an increasing amount of information, communications and demands that intensify their memory struggles.  Overwhelmed, they typically remember only about 10% of the information they have received and details get dropped. As a result, sales get lost, people get discouraged, with valuable time and resources being wasted. 

Do you have to sit by idly and let your memory, the details, and your clients slip away? No! You can take a proactive approach toward improving your performance by attending Maximizing Your Memory for Salespeople! When you decide to enhance your memory skills you take action to improve your performance and the quality your life. What is your memory worth to you? It’s priceless!

Within this dynamic and energizing program, you will:

  • Test your current memory 
  • Learn vital memory influencers 
  • Learn the components and techniques to improving recall 
  • Learn to remember key facts and figures
  • Learn to make yourself and your presentations more memorable 
  • Learn to gather client information in a way to make it more recallable 
  • Learn to remember faces and names 
  • Have fun!

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"You taught our firm very valuable tools, tips, and techniques to help with better business development and memory skills."
Dawn A.
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