Getting Organized for Life

Getting Organized for Life

Organizational Memory Tools

The key to success in anything is the ability to make decisions that move you toward your goal.  Avoiding decisions grinds action to a halt creating both physical clutter and mental clutter.

Every day we are continually inundated with information and interruptions. Emails, instant messages, social media, paper mail, responsibilities at work and home demand our time and attention. The ability to make a quick and clear decision can mean the difference between losing hours of time and creating piles of clutter or a clear mind and clear desk.  

While you don’t need to be perfect, it’s important to find the right balance for you. The concept of being organized means different things to different people. Once you find an approach that fits, you will create amazing success and personal happiness.   

Within the dynamic and energizing Getting Organized for Life session you will: 

    • Learn how better organization contributes to improved memory and brain health

    • Understand your organizing “type” and tips to work with it 

    • Learn about mental clutter and how to keep it from sabotaging you

    • Get 5 easy steps to any organizing project 

    • Gain simple and practical clutter breakthrough tips 

    • Formulate questions for your clutter so you can eliminate it all together 

    • Learn secrets to effective file management  

    • Get a proven formula for an organized desk  

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“Great presentation! We will all be able to walk out today with some useful tools.”
Robert P.
California Department of Transportation
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