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Maximizing Your Memory

forgetfulnessEverything about our lives is wrapped around our memory.   Dates, facts, figures, appointments and experiences all play a part in our daily routine.  
Every day we are inundated with an increasing amount of information, communications, and demands that impact our lives.  Unfortunately, most of us haven't developed the memory skills to retain and internalize the information.  Overwhelmed, we typically remember only about 10% of the information we receive. As a result, we begin to feel that we are losing productivity, ability to contribute, and precious “non renewable” time.
Do you have to sit by idly and continue to struggle with your memory? No! You can take a proactive approach toward improving your memory by attending Maximizing Your Memory! When you decide to enhance your memory you take action to improve the quality your life - because enhancing your memory improves work performance, school performance, productivity, family life and more. What is your memory worth to you? Priceless!
Within this dynamic and energizing session, you will: 
  • Test your current memory 
  • Learn vital memory influencers 
  • Learn keys to jogging your memory 
  • Learn keys to making things memorable 
  • Learn multiple memory techniques to enhance your life 
  • Learn to remember text to improve presentations 
  • Learn to remember faces and names to improve relationships 
  • Have fun!

For more information on Maximizing Your Memory, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at (530) 297-6464.