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Memory Spring is focused on enhancing people's memories, learning skills, job performance, and brain health. We promote an integrated approach towards memory enhancement and brain function that includes Technical, Physical, Organizational and Mental Emotional solutions. As a result, people are more efficient, more effective, and live a better quality life. In our sessions people gain new skills, experience immediate improvement, and have fun. For more information click on Memory Spring.

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Improve Your Note Taking to Improve Your Recall


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In our everyday life we spend significant amounts of time in meetings.  Whether the meetings are for work, family, or play they are all congregations where there are issues discussed and in many cases actions agreed upon. Unfortunately, we tend to forget significant portions of what was discussed or presented in those meetings.  Then when someone wants to discuss details of the meeting, we’re at a loss and unable to access the information from our brain. As a result, time, energy, and money are wasted. 
The most effective technique that you have to help your brain store and recall key meeting information at a moment’s notice is your ability to take notes. Effective Note Taking provides your brain with structure to store information in a recallable way.  In addition, the process of listening and taking notes provides repetition for your brain and involves your Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic learning modes.  


7 Foods that Assist with Brain Function


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If you ask any physician what is the best diet to maximize brain health, most will tell you a balanced diet.  As a matter of fact, recent data has revealed that maintaining a heart healthy diet is probably the best thing for your brain since your heart is the pump that delivers oxygen rich blood to your brain. Notwithstanding, there are foods that have been shown to help with brain function.

Per, here are a number of foods that are known to assist with brain function. 

1) Nuts and Seeds - Besides containing protein and fiber, nuts contain vitamin B, vitamin E, and magnesium which are essential to cognitive function. Seeds contain vitamin E, stress-fighting antioxidants, and magnesium which assist with brain performance.