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Memory Spring: Improving Your Memory and Brain Health


Memory Spring is focused on enhancing people's memories, learning skills, job performance, and brain health. We promote an integrated approach towards memory enhancement and brain function that includes Technical, Physical, Organizational and Mental Emotional solutions. As a result, people are more efficient, more effective, and live a better quality life. In our sessions people gain new skills, experience immediate improvement, and have fun. For more information click on Memory Spring.

Journaling: A Powerful Tool to Help with Memory and Mental Health


A very powerful tool to help with your memory and mental health is journaling.  Writing down thoughts into a journal or diary is a skill that ties together both mental (thinking) and physical (writing) activities. That unique relationship between the hands and brain, sparked by the composition of thoughts and ideas, creates increased focus, stronger memory pods, and better cognitive recall.  

The process of Journaling is almost as old as time itself. It dates back to 10th century Japan.  Successful leaders and others have kept diaries or journals for a number of reasons including personal improvement and even for posterity sake.
In addition to improving your memory, Journaling helps in a number of other ways. According to Maude Purcell of Psych Central, additional Journaling benefits include: 


What Brain Improvement Goals Will You Establish in the Coming Year?

Goal by Giulia Forsyth

The end of the year is a great time for appreciation and excitement. It is a time to recall and appreciate the year's wonderful moments. Yes, those special moments from this year will be locked in our head and our heart. 

This is also a time to look towards the future and get excited about our goals for the coming year. Most of us establish goals at the beginning of every year, but how many of us set goals to help our memory and brain health? Well, this is the year that you can start!
At Memory Spring, we promote an integrated approach to improving your memory by emphasizing four key areas: Physical, Organizational, Technical, and Mental/Emotional. Here are some potential goals to consider in each area.


Memory Spring on the Bizi Yogi



On December 5th, 2017, Memory Spring President and Founder, Michael Lawrence Green was interviewed on the Bizi Yogi radio show. This is a fast paced and fun interview. 


Click Here to listen to Michael Lawrence Green's interview on the Bizi Yogi radio show.